Outside My Color Wheel

I never saw myself as a person who tended towards a few certain colors in my fabric and yarn choices.  I always thought I was very open minded about color options and had a wide variety of colors in my stash (both yarn and fabric.)  Clearly, I was delusional.  Because you realize that when the sales person at your local fabric store comments, “oh, you wouldn’t like that fabric, its not in your color wheel,” you may have overestimated your color open-mindedness.  Or when your husband puts a skein of deep navy blue madelinetosh yarn in your christmas stocking (yes, he is THAT awesome – yarn in my christmas stocking, sigh…) because, “everything you knit is hot pink.”  You may need to branch out a bit.  Just a bit.

And when I think about it, (and delve into my stash), I realize that I do tend towards certain colors.  I’m more of a pink (more magenta, less pale), taupe, grey type of gal.  Oranges, yellows, and bright reds rarely make an appearance in anything I craft.  Until, this table runner, that is…

I was at Purl Soho with this table runner project in mind.  I had all sort of visions of lovely pinks and greens with splashes of dark blues thrown in there.  And I walked out with this fabric.

I’m not sure what came over me. But this bundle of fabric just jumped into my hands and I had to get it.  So I did.  And proceeded to make a yellow, brown, red and orange table runner.  And I love it.  I really never thought those colors could be ME kind of colors… But I loved stepping off the reservation and going with colors that I wouldn’t typically pick.  Kind of liberating, in fact.  Its like it opens up a whole different world of options.  Like using the whole crayola 64 pack, not just relegating yourself to your fav 5.

The pattern was great – a bit tedious, but what do you expect from a 6 foot table runner with quilting lines every 2 inches.  For my first foray into quilting, I’m digging the final project.  As for the pattern, I love how you basically quilt-as-you-go with this one.  I topped the project off with a set of matching napkins and am loving the whole look.

Now, if only I didn’t panic every time we have people over for fear that they’ll spill something on the runner.  I was thinking of banning red wine entirely … but that is just wrong on so many levels.  So, I’m giving up my anal retentive fear of table runner spillage…. if something spills, it spills.  Guess its a good thing I did opt for atypical color choices… the red wine would definitely show on a pinkish/greenish table runner.  But on drab browns and bright reds, it’ll blend RIGHT in.  Bring on the vino…

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